Sunday, 7 January 2018

Wellbeing Project 5 - change your mindset and lose weight

Willpower is a piece of cake

Losing weight is a complex issue. Like so many people, I have done fad diets all my life. They used to be just to drop 10 pounds at the most, however, when I met my partner I chunked on the weight. It was only when I got him to do the diet with me and picked a programme that he liked that I started to turn it around. The weight has come off slowly (which is a good thing).

In May I used an NLP technique called 'Swish' to change my thought pattern around cakes. 

I used to work in an office of 'feeders' who brought in these amazing cakes and they would very kindly leave them right by the coffee supplies. Banana cake, chocolate cake, Victoria sponge - an unending array of amazing cakes. However, the problem was I was often tired and every time I went to make a cup of coffee as a pick-me-up I would look at the cake and think 'that will make me feel better'. In reality, I might have got a quick sugar high, but that was followed by an energy low and over time I was starting to put back on the weight I had lost.

So I changed that thought to 'maybe later'. What happened? I never ended up going back for the piece of cake because I wasn't actually hungry and I dropped 7 pounds over a couple of months. In the long term, I've lost interest in cake. In fact I was caught describing them as 'pretty' when I went into a coffee shop recently. Pretty? Really?

What happened was I wasn't fighting with my willpower anymore. 

Unlike my partner who fights against his desire for sweet things constantly. He asked me this morning to guinea pig all the NLP techniques we have to help change his relationship with food. In honour of National Obesity Week, we are starting tomorrow with a coaching session to determine the underlying problems facing him when it comes to food so that we can work out how to change his mindset. Check out our updates on Facebook.

The diet and fitness industries are multi-million dollar businesses and statistically people will give up on their new year resolution by the end of January or beginning of February. Essentially because they have not addressed their mindset.

If you would like 2018 to be different, we'd like to help. 

First, download our self-coaching activity from the last blog to make sure you have written your goal in a compelling way that will help you achieve it.

Then think about how you would like to change your relationship with food. Is there something you crave constantly that you wish you didn't? Do you have an eating habit that you'd like to change? Do you see food as a reward? Let us know what you'd like to change and we'll tell you how NLP can help.

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