Monday, 27 August 2018

Creating a diet that's perfect for you

When you hear the word ‘diet’ what do you think of? Deprivation? Starvation? Low-fat labels? Weighing and calorie counting?

Part of the trick for changing your diet mindset will be to change how you think about the word diet. Diet actually encompasses what we have in our life, the nutrition and nourishment we give our whole self, not just following a regime to lose weight. 

We can eat and drink what we want at the end of the day, most of us have that freedom of choice. How lucky are we. We just have to decide if the diet we are feeding ourselves is the one that allows us to be the person we truly are. Is our diet right for us? Does it give us the right energy? Does it feed the right emotions? Does it make us feel well? 

The expression we are what we eat is pretty accurate, so what are you? 

The first place we look for our daily diet is the foods we eat as they are our fuel for the day. When you reflect, are there any foods you would like to change? You may have a few or many. To make long-term change, just start with small changes. A small change can have a big impact.

Look at the positive side of changing first, what foods would you like to add to your life?Consider foods you know that are good for you, that you really enjoy, yet you often forget to eat. Or maybe no-one else in the house eats it so you don’t bother to buy it. I love the simple addition of blueberries to my breakfast knowing they are not only tasty but full of antioxidants and are good for concentration too.  

And is there a food you might like to take away? The real big change I made was to remove refined sugar from my daily diet. It doesn’t mean I never have it, I just choose to eat fresh and homemade foods where possible. A smaller change I made was to get rid of bread from my daily diet. Strangely, I didn’t miss it when I made that decision as I made the choice for me and I feel so much better without it, less heavy, less bloated. Now I just eat it occasionally, making sure when I do that it is amazing quality bread with amazing butter and I savour every mouthful.   

Does your R&R really make you feel good?

What else is in your daily diet that you may need to change to have a healthy-for-you daily diet? Think in terms of how you spend your time - who with and what doing and where. Think of something you could add to your day that would gift you energy and something you could take away that may drain your energy.

I am a bit of a workaholic and after my research on sleep, I added a longer night’s sleep which made me feel so much more energised and ready to face the day. This small, but for me huge, change means that I actually accomplish more in less time on my average day. 

What practise would you like to add to your daily diet? 

And on the other side I took away watching so much TV as I would just collapse on the sofa every night and do nothing that actually made me feel that I had made the most of ‘my’ time. We often make the mistake of associating relaxation with doing nothing, which is a mistake as we are not nourishing ourselves with such habits. In fact, what started out as ‘taking away’ has turned out to be giving to myself. Now I’m out and about, pottering around or doing an activity or reading, unless I choose to watch a film or TV programme that gives me joy. 

What daily habit might you like to take away? 

Do your routines make you feel good?

I love to start my day with a focussing exercise and essential oils to cheer and motivate and finish my day with my gratitude journal. These are all habits I added that make sure I get a huge dollop of positivity and reflection in my daily diet. What small changes could you add? 

Have fun creating a daily diet that creates a positive mindset, gives you energy and makes you feel good. Embrace your whole life, create a diet of energy-giving nutrition and nourishment and live your life today.

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