Monday, 31 December 2018

Is 2019 the Year you decide to Play Big in Order to Get Small?

Ten Tips to Create an Awesome Wellbeing Goal and Lose Weight

Do you make a resolution each new year to ‘go to the gym’ or ‘lose weight’ or ‘quit eating cake’? And how does that work out for you? I hazard a guess it could last just a couple of days or maybe you manage a few weeks. Those of you with lots of willpower may survive a couple of months. 

Even those of you who set a ‘smart goal’ might go for "lose 2 stone" or "go to the gym twice a week". Let’s face it though, they’re hardly compelling and motivating. They aren't going to get you up in the morning or out in the winter cold. 

Or perhaps it’s not even your goal! Have you been trying to lose weight because other people think you should? Or worse because you think they think you should? And therefore it’s meaningless to you?

The result? Failure. And if you've done that every year, then you probably think you’re hopeless at this by now and there’s no point.

So let’s create big goals that harness your passion. And techniques that trick your brain to make you think you’ve achieved your goal already, making it instantly more achievable!

  1. First look at the whole context of your goal, your why, what it will give you and who it’s for. And you need to know why you haven't achieved it already. Your goal should have weight loss as a side effect, not be the actual goal. Instead, focus on a bigger goal, your passion. 
  1. Think of weight loss from a wellbeing perspective. Identify the 8 elements of wellbeing that you think are most important and rate yourself for out of 10. This will give you a good guide of what to include in your goal. 
  1. Identify all the great bits of what you already do, so that you can celebrate them and make the most of them. At the same time, be honest and own up to behaviours that are holding you back and that will benefit you if you ditch or upgrade them.
  1. Create a vision board of your goal using images to bring it alive so that you can put it on your wall and reflect on it every day.
  1. Create an image in your mind of what it looks and feels like in that moment you achieve your goal. When it is, where you are, who is there, what you’re wearing. Picture it clearly, in colour, with sound and put yourself in the picture.
  1. Write your goal out clearly, in detail, using the present tense and using only positive language. Write it as if you have already achieved it - it should match the picture above. 
  1. Write your goal on a piece of card that fits neatly in your wallet so that you can take it out wherever you are to remind you of the journey you are on.
  1. Then you need to get strategic. Just how are you going to achieve this goal? Identify the resources and support you need, what you have already and what you need to beg, buy or borrow. Break it down into small steps and put the steps in the order you need to make them happen. 
  1. Think about the new habits you have to create and visualise yourself doing them. Only if you truly want them - remember you’re creating your passion here. Your body and lifestyle dream. One small change that you love will have more impact than lots of new habits you struggle to keep up.
    10. Get that picture back again. Strong and clear and put yourself in it.

This technique is so powerful that it will help you manifest your goal if you are totally and truly committed to it - even if you just put it in your wallet and forget about it. The technique works because your unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between real and imagined, so it thinks you have already achieved it ... 

Empower your unconscious mind by acting as if you have already achieved your motivating and realistic goal. Own it. Live it. Love it. Tap into your passion. Play big and get small. 

If you would like more help in setting yourself up for success this year, if you truly want to do something different to lose weight for the last time, book a free coaching call with me or join my facebook group Shift My Mindset Shift My Weight

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